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Since 1988, Dimensional Metals, Inc. (DMI) has specialized in the manufacturing of architectural metal roof and wall panel systems and fabricated architectural sheet metal for the construction industry. We are backed by more than 20 years of sheet metal fabrication experience, which helps us insure the success of each project.

The determining factor in the success of any sheet metal system is proper design and installation. Unique to our organization, is a level of product understanding and its application. This understanding provides design professionals, installing subcontractors, developers and owners the best value in metal roof systems.

At DMI, we utilize the most technologically advanced in-house CNC operated manufacturing equipment available, which provides complete control in the fabrication of our products.

These operations provide finished components of the highest quality. Experienced production personnel use their fabrication capabilities to create “custom” hand-fabricated products. This combination of modern equipment and skilled personnel helps DMI provide a complete product line capable of tackling the most difficult design challenges.

At DMI, our philosophy is to provide our customers with the best overall value in the industry. By listening to our customers, we have developed a program which is designed to provide maximum benefit at a competitive cost. We refer to this as the “best overall value”.

Simply put, we try harder because we care about the success of each and every project.

While providing the best overall value in the metal-roofing industry, we maintain important features and benefits that make our systems the preferred choice of installing subcontractors.

With a primary focus on customer satisfaction, value and individual project success, our team:
• Ensures shorter lead times than industry standards
• Utilizes SMACNA-based architectural details
• Provides UL-90 classified roof deck assemblies
• Offers structural ASTM air, water and structural tested systems
• Capitalizes on our knowledgeable personnel who are qualified to resolve even the most challenging design requirements
• Generates professional quality CAD engineered shop drawings
• Boasts a full-time engineering department
• Offers company employed field inspection services as required
We owe much of our success to the repeat business we receive from loyal customers--thanks to all of you, DMI continues to provide excellence in our products and services.