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Solor Standing Seam | Cool Metal Roofing | LEED | Energy Star |

In today's society with energy costs continuing to rise there is a movement to build more efficient building structures. These structures are able to reduce cooling load costs and contain more environmental sustainable friendly materials. Whether you are a home owner or a commercial building owner Dimensional Metals, Inc.'s metal roofing can help your project meet these green building practices. Our roofing's durability and installed longevity makes it a highly sustainable material. Our roofing material is not only produced with recycled material it is 100% recyclable which prevents material from going into landfills. Our "DynaClad® Solar Standing Seam" helps cut energy costs by generating clean renewable electric energy for your project. Our DynaClad® "Cool Metal Roofing" finishes help reflect solar radiation from the roof surface lowering surface temperatures to help reduce energy consumption by lowering cooling loads. In addition there are programs in place that may allow your project to qualify for a tax credit such as Energy Star® and LEED.